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Email Signature – Free Marketing Tip #6

Email Signature – Free Marketing Tip #6 Script Below:  Making the most of your email signature. No one likes a braggart. Like Mike, he’s always talking about himself and the things he’s done. Sure it’s interesting. I just wish he wasn’t so brazen about it. If only there was an easy way to tell people about the exciting things that you’re doing without bragging! If there was a way of telling the people that you

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Testimonials | Free Marketing Tip #5

Testimonials | Free Marketing Tip #5 Script Below Say… would you like  to hear a joke?  well,  Me too leave one in the comments below. Make it funny though…I like to share them around. My friend Sammy at the club always does that. Always telling the jokes,   thing is I know he just gets them from his old letterman tapes. You want to know the best way of getting marketing copy written? Of course

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Niche Marketing – Free Marketing Tip #4

Niche Marketing – Free Marketing Tip #4   Script Below: Find your niche (it’s pronounced knee~shhh it should not rhyme with itch) Let’s get to this one quickly my program on  is about to start and I don’t trust the machine to tape it properly if I’m not watching it. Want to learn a business secret that will scare you? Of course you do. It might just be a business secret that ends up making

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Free Marketing Tip #3 – Cold Calling

Script of video:   Young whippersnappers think they’ve got it so tough these days… just want it now don’t you? You Probably want a way to talk to potential customers right now? A definite way to make sure that they reply to you? No wishy washyness or reach just actually talking to them. Now? -Titles- Over the years they have changed. Now they do everything even clean your teeth probably. All sizes and shapes. I

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Free Marketing Tip #2 – Create a newsletter

Free marketing tips from Arthur Auldman and PuppetWork Productions.   Script of the video:   Oh you’ve come back again? Well I’m still old and my name is still Arthur. Back for more business tips I guess? You probably want to know how to turn those ‘maybes’? And ‘I’m not sures’ in to actual clients? Of course you do. Titles Well what a lot of you youngsters don’t realize is that business is really all

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