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With our combined years of performing and working in the entertainment industry along with our original brand of fun, we can create puppets, creatures and props for commercials, tv/film, video projects and even live entertainment that is exciting and inspiring for people of all ages.

Puppets and puppetry on camera are a powerful way to teach, sell, entertain and connect.

PuppetWork Productions can come on board at almost any stage of a project, starting with the initial concept  of your project and writing personalized spots to offering suggestions from our creative team or from the puppeteer’s point of view to strengthen an existing script.  

We can design and create characters specifically for your project needs or use existing characters we have on hand and provide experienced puppeteers to create exceptional personalities on camera for your project

PuppetWork Productions has access to a wide variety of professional puppeteers who specialize in television, film, and stage work,

Each of our puppeteers are highly experienced performers and actors and are masters at manipulation to get the best out of every shot to help deliver your product.

PuppetWork Productions provides creative consultation, creation and manipulation of puppets for videos and film productions.

Our creative team can help bring your vision to life to achieve your desired effect, transforming your initial concept into a finished product.

Our specialty work is best for film and video projects and working toward getting the best looking technical shots possible

Along with custom puppets created for projects, we do have a small supply of pre-built puppets on hand that we can offer for smaller projects or based on a clients budget toward creating custom puppets.

Specific pre-built characters in our “actor” supply may not always be available for a given project and will need to be inquired about.

If we don’t have a puppet character that you’re looking for – we can offer custom puppet services to build the character that you want for your project.

So, if you are searching for puppet builders and performers for your next project, why not contact us today?

From Concept to Creation

The Monster

Arthur Auldman

Xyroph the Alien (Steve)

General Builds

PuppetWork Project Steps

1. Connecting.

First step is to reach out to us with your idea for a puppet project, no project is too big or too small and we are excited to talk to you and work with you on bringing your project to life.

2. Concept of the over-all project.

It helps us to know the over-all concept of your project and how you envision puppets figuring in. We can discuss customized puppets and also go over what other characters we may have on hand for your project.

3. More Details.

All you need to start working with us is an idea of what you would like, however, as many details that you can give us of what you want, the better. 

Reference photos and sketches are great along with any helpful notes, scripts or written instructions of specific movements or things the puppet needs to be able to do.

We are happy to work with you on all of this and advise with what we think would work best for your specific needs.

4. Schedule of Custom Build.

Customized puppets take time and are hand built for the specific project.

Build times vary and usually take approximately one month from the initial concept and character sketch acceptance until they are ready for the start of the video/film portion of the project, unless otherwise noted at the time of ordering.

Once your custom puppet project is accepted and the building work can begin, you will be given an estimated date of completion for ready to video/film/perform.

5. Pricing.

Pricing for a specific build or project is based on a number of factors and the complexity of the project and will be discussed in the Concept/Details/Scheduling stages.

Once a project and/or building price is agreed, we will send a quote and invoice and ask for a 50% non-returnable deposit that will go towards materials and beginning the work on your project.

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