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PuppetWork Productions  is a team of content creators and puppeteers who specialize in creating that content using the magic of puppets.

We offer a complete service from the initial concept to final edits and video effects to give you a professional final product.

Puppets are a creative and engaging way to reach your audience in a unique way, no matter what the project is for and can be a great addition for commercials, corporate industrials and beyond.

We are happy to create custom puppets to appear in your videos from creating puppet versions of real people, animals or even corporate mascots.

PuppetWork Productions is able to create any length of video from short social media clips to feature length productions.

Marketing & Branding

We will design and build custom puppets and characters for your project or you can hire one of our out of work actor puppets who are always excited for the opportunity to be a part of your creation and be on the screen.

Creating Experiences

With every project you have our help to brainstorm and create your project.

We will help with initial design concepts and sketches based on your idea all the way up to thru the finished product.

The End product

We work with various editors and video production studios for most of our projects and can also do some “in-house“ editing.

If you have a specific design need or special effect element to be implemented into the final video product, we can likely do that for you or find someone who can.



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